Social Entrepreneurship, Dissertation Abstracts

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A theory of socio-business diffusion: Understanding the influence of Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa as a positive force for change at the intersection of business and society The main purpose of this research is to understand how and what people are learning from an innovative business model that enjoins social and economic good. This study highlights an organization widely recognized as the most successful cooperative in history, Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa (MCC) located in Basque Country.


In search of noble organizing: A study in social entrepreneurship This dissertation is an invitation for dialogue and change. It introduces a generative, grounded theory of noble organizing; a dynamic process linking noble intentions and the translation of those intentions into social action through processes that defy traditional norms.


Convening opportunity: Social entrepreneurship in two community development initiatives This study explored the process of social entrepreneurship in the nonprofit setting. Theoretical constructs of institutional structures and social capital were integrated into an emerging theory of social entrepreneurship in two community development Initiatives.


Social entrepreneurship and earned income opportunities: An examination of the importance of institutional factors in predicting entrepreneurial action among nonprofit organizations The increased attention recently paid to the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship has focused little attention on the process of social entrepreneurship or how entrepreneurial decisions are made in a social context. I seek to better understand why the presumed positive relationship between economic need and entrepreneurial action does not exist at the level we expect, and suggest that that relationship is mediated or moderated by three key institutional factors: organizational competency/capability, organizational identity orientation, and the salience of stakeholder groups.


Social entrepreneurship and urban tourism as economic development: Best practices from Long Beach, California The research question that guided this study was the following: What practices can the social entrepreneur employ to determine and direct a downtown district’s theme formation process? Related questions include the following: (1) What is the effect of globalization on the world’s cities, and how is tourism being used to respond? (2) Who is the modern tourist? (3) What makes a city a tourist attraction? (4) What local themes can the social entrepreneur use to initiate and manage the transformative process? This study used downtown Long Beach, California, as a case study to develop the best practices, employing opinions, evaluations, and scholarly sources to answer the research questions.


The business of change: Introducing the social entrepreneurship mindset to students This thesis introduces the field of social entrepreneurship from an educator’s perspective, and explores how students can best be prepared to embark on further work in the field. A review of the literature considers social entrepreneurship within the context of learning, and how students’ learning processes can best be supported to encourage the development of self-directed learning strategies.


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