Top 10 Accountability Questions for Men

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Top 10 Accountability Questions for Men

  1. How often have you spent time in the Bible and prayer this week?
  2. What have you done this week to spend quality, relational time with your family?
  3. What did you do this week to maintain your joy in spite of life’s daily circumstances?
  4. What did you do this week to take care of your body (exercise, diet, and rest)?
  5. What steps have you taken this week to guard yourself against lustful thoughts, actions, and/or materials?
  6. How have you shaded the truth this week to make yourself look better to others?
  7. How did you give your best this week (at work, school, etc.)?
  8. In what ways have you been above reproach in financial matters this week?
  9. Who have you shared your faith with this week?
  10. Have you answered these questions truthfully?



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All Moral Knowledge and Business Skill Are From God: Jonathan Edwards, in A Divine and Supernatural Light Immediately Imparted to the Soul: All Moral Knowledge and business Skill from God God is the author of all knowledge and understanding whatsoever. He is the author of the knowledge that is obtained by human learning: he is the author of all moral prudence, and of the knowledge and skill that men have in their secular business. Thus it is said of all in Israel that were wise-hearted, and skilled in embroidering, that God had filled them with the spirit of wisdom, Exodus 28:3.

I Row, God Steers” | First Things: At 18 he applied to be a member of the Swiss Guard, the elite group charged since the sixteenth century with the duty of protecting the pope. Anyone who has been to the Vatican knows their colorful striped uniforms and distinctive headgear. Andreas was accepted by the Guard and moved to Rome at age 20.

Is it Biblical to Choose a Job You Love? An Example Yesterday: I argued from the principles in 1 Corinthians 7:39-40 that our own happiness is a legitimate consideration in making major life decisions. This is how Paul sees the choice to marry, and it seems that the same principle carries through to other areas of freedom, such as what job to choose.

12 Ways to Glorify God at Work – Desiring God: Mark Twain once said, “Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” Although there may be days when we feel like he got it right, we know God has ordained work as a stewardship of his created world (Genesis 1:28; 2:15). He has designed work for his glory and our good. But how might we glorify God at work? This list is not exhaustive, but here’s at least 12 ways —

God Moves Through the Marketplace: One thing I’ve always found intriguing is that as you study church history, as far back as the book of Acts, merchants and soldiers carried the gospel around the world faster and more effectively than the apostles could.

Vocation: Discerning Your Calling: As Christians we are stewards of the resources God gives us for serving the human community. Our vocations are one avenue for doing God’s work in the world.

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