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The nature of woodcarving: A conversation from without that echoes within While studying the twentieth-century British artist/theologian Eric Gill’s dual view of woodcarving as embodiment and incarnation, Steve Halla identified an alternative theory of woodcarving that places greater emphasis on the nature of wood as a living organism and situates woodcarving within a biblical context.

A Church Shaped By the Creative Community From the beginning, we had a desire to connect with a segment of Louisville that seemed unreached by most of the Bible-believing churches in our city, the creative core, the artists and progressives.

Reflections on the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts In my perspective, it is important to articulate its theological mission, emphasising the role such a programme plays in the advancement of a particular mode of theological discourse. This is a mode of discourse that validates both the discursive and imaginative modes of thinking, living and speaking about the divine and the Christian life.

Is Church Life Stifling Your Creativity? A ResponseWhat is helpful about Miller’s post is his challenge to consider the art forms of the Biblical narrative and what they reveal to us about who God is rather than toning them down to make them more palatable for the masses.

Organizational Aesthetics: Caught Between Identity Regulation and Culture Jamming the present study seeks to offer a more comprehensive model of the roleof organizational aesthetics (OA) in identity regulation andculture jamming.

The Evolution of Corporate Logos (


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