God is at Work, Silicon Valley to Bombay (Chp.1), Highlights (2)

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…I knew that if we had two years before facing any real competition from these economic giants we would be well-enough established to survive.. we prayed to that effect (30).

How can I make it a Christian company (31)?

“Only people are Christians”… “But believers can use their businesses as opportunities to make Christ known (31).”

By word and by deed, we can make Christ known through our businesses (31).

…by word… We acknowledged and thanked God for His blessings in prayers at company banquets, lunches and meetings.  After asking prospective employees what motivated them, I would then take the opportunity to share with them what motivates me (31).

…open invitation for employees…praying for their (employee) concerns (31).

…spiritual and Bible tracts…letter outlining personal faith and that affected the way people were treated and business was conducted at Inmac (31)

…by deed in the way our business is conducted (33).

sharing software…”I don’t care if everybody does it,” I stated. “We need to do what is right before God (33).”

As Inmac grew … I became concerned that I could no longer monitor its spiritual temperature. How could I make sure we were still operating according to biblical standards (33)?

I had to trust that God would alert me to sin in the camp, as He had done with regard to the software (33).

High-level service to the customers continued to be a hallmark of our company (33).

The biblical tenet “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is central to good service (34).

Over the years, I learned that business is part of a larger process, a walk with God through one’s life (34).

I wanted him to know that the company he was acquiring was the direct result of much prayer. I shared with him God’s guidance over the years and my personal faith in Jesus (35).

I only knew that God expected me to follow a higher standard of integrity (35).

…by providentially leading me away from a board position, God had enabled me to sell much of my investment during the most opportune time period (37).

…God opened my eyes to the opportunity for business to transform individuals and nations around the globe (37).

I agreed to help my friend under one condition – that he would give educated and capable young Christians in India the opportunity to work for him (37).

God gave me a vision for using my position of influence at ET to advance His Kingdom in India (38).

We would be intentional about recruiting and hiring qualified Christians (38).

The company would offer attractive wages to its employees (38).

Christians at the company could be equipped and mentored in their faith (38).

The would also give to the local church, enabling it to free itself from dependence on Western funds (38).

It was a vision to use a for-profit business to further the Church in India (38).

Bombay is one of the few cosmopolitan cities in India, and it has a relatively open religious attitude (38).

There is an enormous opportunity to provide spiritual training and discipling for the hundreds of Christians at ET (39).

We have had the opportunity to introduce a Christian-based leadership development program called PowerWalk within the company (39).

While the management is Hindu, the company embraced the idea and expressed a desire to have the entire management group go through this Christian-based training course (39).

At the end of the week, it was agreed that this training should be offered to everyone in the company – including spouses (39).

…committed to planting house churches in the area (40).

When ET experienced an economic downturn that threatened the company, Christian employees got together to pray for their business.  The company recovered, and many recognized the source of the turnaround (40).

God gave me a vision for using business to advance His Church and provide economic blessing in India…(40)

What different approaches were Kingdom-focused believers using to effect economic and spiritual transformation…(40)?

Eldred, K. A. (2005). God is at work: Transforming people and nations through business. Ventura: Regal Books



God is at Work, Silicon Valley to Bombay (Chp.1), Highlights (1)

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ET is a call center in Bombay, India with approximately one thousand employees – smart, college-educated professionals (20).

At ET, 60 percent of the employees call themselves Christians (20).

…the Spirit of God giving a vision for using business to further the gospel of Jesus (20).

…comprehensive ministry that creates jobs and profitable businesses, and strengthens the local church…(20)

Kingdom business is achieving economic and spiritual tansformation around the globe and is welcomed even by developing nations that are traditionally closed to the gospel (20).

By the way of Sunday sermons, I (Ken Eldred) had come to the (wrong) conclusion that any serious Christian could only serve God as a pastor; a true follower of Jesus would lay down his career and go into preaching (22).

I wanted to be a Christian, but I also wanted to be a businessman.   My education, training, abilities, and passion were in business (22).

…even mature Christians often succumb to this line of thinking, concluding that they must change careers in order to serve God.  They fail to see the opportunity for spiritual value of their work in the marketplace (22).

…business was my ministry…(22)

…my faith needed to impact my work. I needed to do my business by the Book. I needed to evaluate my actions in light of the bilbical standards of integrity, morality and love (23).

I used the Bible to carefully consider the morality of my actions. I wanted to please the Lord, and I could see the value of operating aboveboard. This was the first step of making my work my ministry (23).

Eventually, the Lord showed me that He wanted to be more than a moral standard or an example of loving concern for others in my business practice.  He began to reveal that He wanted to partner with me in all that I was doing (23).

The realization that God desired to partner with me – that He cared about business outcomes and wanted me to ask Him for specific results – deepened the sense of business as my ministry (24).

…the Bible is the foundation of all meaningful business concepts. Honesty, service, excellence, respect, commitment, value, trust, loyalty and quality are not only successful business practices, but are also biblical principles. They were biblical principles first (24).

…nations of economic greatness display a very high level of trust in their moral, cultural and economic systems.  Of course, trust is fundamental to our relationship with God, who is trustworthy.  The rule of law, so fundamental to strong economies and stable societies, is also basic to the Bible. We are under a higher authority, and God’s laws are immutable….Ethics and morality are defined by a strong set of fundamental beliefs to which all adhere.  And the Lord is the glue that holds it all together (25).

Because biblical principles lead to successful business, the marketplace affords us the opportunity to present God’s truth in a uniquely relevant way… we can present the gospel by word and by deed (25).

I asked God to open my eyes, to remove the veil…I felt God’s urge to start a business (26).

God is focused on relationships… in God’s economy, success means that first I must have a relationship with God, and then second I must have a quality relationship with my wife and my children.  Finally, if my company is prosperous, that’s a bonus (27).

…as a result of bootstrapping the start-up venture, we maintained a greater equity interest in the company (28).

Like Gideon…I set out a fleece before God (28).

…God gave me confidence that even if His answer was no, it would mean He had something better in store for us (29).

…God had demonstrated clearly that He cared about the venture, that He had His hand in it, and that He wanted me there (29).

“Each one should remain in the situation which he was in when God called him” (1 Cor. 7:20)

The spiritual value of business is in serving one’s fellow man (29).

Eldred, K. A. (2005). God is at work: Transforming people and nations through business. Ventura: Regal Books

God Is At Work, Foreword and Author’s Note Highlights (1)

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…witnessed firsthand the power of God to transform a nation’s economic and moral-cultural state (11).

…Christian faith and Christian values set the foundation ofr successful business (11).

kingdom business…recognized the fundamental connection between spiritual transformation and economic transformation (11).

Unfortunately, many churches today have accepted the view that business is essentially secular, void of any spiritual value, and thus unworthy of a Christian’s pursuit (12).

The marketplace is just as legitimate a venue for serving God and others as the church is (12).

Kingdom business is a purpose-driven business.  It is a business pursued with a goal of achieving spiritual, economic and social transformation in individuals and nations (12,13).

Sensing a specific spiritual need, these men used skills honed int he business world to establish successful ministries (18).

…opting to remain in the business arena.  They are using commerce and business development themselves as a vehicles for blessing a people and bringing the gospel of Jesus (18).

Clearly Kingdom Business is a major opportunity, and the key will be the response of the Church (18).

Kingdom business requires support and involvement from a wide range of members of the Body of Christ (18).

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