A Personal Strategy of Evangelism

July 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

My personal strategy of evangelism will be to grow and mature in each capacity of my being; physically, mentally, spiritually/emotionally, and socially to better serve and glorify God.

In the physical realm, effective time management will be vital to ensuring evangelism. I will not only focus on the quantity of time, but the quality of time I devote to others. The Bible reveals that God is moved by fasting, if done with a right heart attitude, so fasting and praying will be important as I petition God for the power of the Holy Spirit to prepare and convict lost sinners. I will be communicating by hearing God and also being heard by God. I will also be prepared to acknowledge and praise God as he corroborates works with miracles and wonders. I will also use kind words, hand shakes, and hugs to show physical affection towards others. Recreational activities such as sports and grilling out will be used as a platform to meet non-Christians. I will consciously seek opportunities to preach God’s word and share my personal testimony, incorporating the Gospel effectively.

In the mental realm, my personal strategy will be to memorize Scripture and recall references to ensure long-term retention. I will study the Bible devotionally, marking my Bible using the system we learned. I will continue to be a student of the Bible so that I can faithfully teach the Word of God when presented with an opportunity. Knowing the Word of God will better help me to explain Bible prophecy in a clear and compelling manner. I will also make it a point to keep up with daily news so that I will understand the meaning of important current events using conversation about news as a bridge to the gospel. I will also try to use both my engineering and business backgrounds to encourage, train, and disciple leaders in church plants.

In the spiritual/emotional realm, I will seek consistency and faith in my personal life, living by God’s grace, full of the Holy Spirit. I will go to God in prayer waiting for guidance in discerning God’s will. I will seek the commissioning of the Holy Spirit if we are to be involved in a church plant or work overseas. I will also be prepared to lay hands on others, in prayer, when commissioning them for God’s work. I will seek accountability and counsel when dealing with temptation. I plan to set up a prayer journal and to begin a ministry of intercession. I will do better to be aware of my dreams in case God wants to speak to me through my dreams. I will seek to worship God more in my corporate and personal life, breaking down the barriers in between.

Socially, I plan to invest in the lives of fellow believers and non-believers by launching community groups. I will work to establish a strong discipleship. I plan to maintain a presence in meeting places, whether that is universities, music venues, coffee shops or AA meetings. I will work to cater the message of salvation precisely to each target. I will use my workplace as a platform for ministry. Through church and community groups we will engage the community through service evangelism.

Finally, I plan to set up a database of detailed information to track progress of evangelism goals and witnessing reports to see what is working and not working. I hope to engage in a lifetime of launching, reevaluating and re-launching personal strategies for evangelism.


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