The Relationship Between “Walk” and “Talk” in Evangelism

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The goal is that evangelism becomes a way of life and something we do as a matter of who we are. God uses human means to share his good news. It’s important to note that not all hearers start at the same place. There are some people who are ready to respond and we need to ask God to give us discernment where people are along the decision making process. There is a false dichotomy between the walk and talk initiatives as approaches to evangelism. There must be a balanced approach. Biblical evangelism must be done with urgency; we must seek to reap the harvest. Evangelism must also be done with sensitivity. Jesus was always willing to let the person walk away. We must always evangelize with integrity.

The relationship between walk and talk in evangelism depends on who the person is. With a family member, your walk will be very heavily rated. The implication is that the gospel has been shared verbally, but that it has be reinforced with the actions of your life. With a close friend, walk is still very heavily waited. Sharing with an acquaintance, your talk might hold more weight with the person because they do not know you as well. With person C, talk is much more heavily waited because they have very little personal relationship with you even though some form of relationship must be initiated for the sharing to occur, he still may be able to discern is you have genuine care and concern for him. All walk and no talk results in evangelism where there is no gospel. If we try to witness with just our walk people don’t know what we are witnessing to. We may not be calling attention to Christ; we may be calling attention to ourselves. In every genuine witnessing encounter, both your walk and your talk must be present. Your walk gives credibility to your talk and your talk gives clarity to your walk.


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